Buckhannon Nazarene

Redeemed, Restored, Relationship - Holiness Unto the Lord





Wearing Masks
We invite everyone to come and join us on Sunday Morning, Sunday Nights, and Wednesday nights. We do ask, if you do join us in a worship service, please wear a mask. We are doing everything we can to protect people of all ages from this sickness. You will be shown a place to sit to help with social distancing and you will be invited to join us in the Holy Communion. We use individual cups and wafers for this. We hope you will consider joining us for service.

Sunday, November 29 - Hanging of the Greens Service

Join  us Sunday, November 29, for our annual Hanging of the Greens service. We will begin at 6:00. It is a time to better understand what and who all of our Christmas decorations point to.